raffles is a moshling that is ultra rare and in series 7 moshlings 
90x55x2-Bandicam 2013-05-10 07-20-13-534
400px-Series 7
263px-Screenshot 343

bio hide your valuables and lock up your socks becuase sneaky tealeafs cant

resist pinching stuff but dont worry these reformed crooks allways 

hand back thier loot theyve even been down to sneak in houses and

put things back where thay found them especially odd socks befr wiping up any paw prints with their bushy talies 

likes modren art and open windows

dislikes tripwires and the long arm of the law

how to get him season 3  mission 3 the googhein

set nughties

number 21

habitat sneaky tealeafs love scampering around rooftops but you might find a few in kelpto canyon where thay injoy sroting out socks